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Le Bon Samaritain

Free AED Locations worldwide

Staying Alive locates defibrillators wordlwide and makes it easy to report new ones.

AED Locator

Locate easily the closest defibrillators around you, everywhere in the world

Crowd Sourcing

You can help grow the AED database by reporting new defibrillators

First Aid

CPR and AED usage are described and illustrated with videos

Citizen Responder

Trained or not in CPR, you can become a Citizen Responder and help in case of emergency

Citizen Responder

Le Fonds de Développement du Bon Samaritain, FDBS, a développé le Bon Samaritain, service destiné aux professionnels de l’urgence (Pompiers, SAMU)
to support early CPR in case of cardiac arrest using trained volunteers.

Anyone can save a Life



Rich functionality to save lives

Staying Alive integrates all the features regarding AED mapping and evolves regularly to provide the best user experience

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  • AED locations
  • Add new AED
  • Existing AED edition
  • Defibrillators FAQ
  • CPR tutorial
            - Chest compression
            - AED use
  • Citizen Responder enrollment
  • Worldwide emergency number
            automatic detection
  • Emergency mode with CPR help

Last AED reported

25 February 2024

Huba 7
34-436 Huba

25 February 2024

58 Rue d'Alsace
88000 Épinal

25 February 2024

21 Rue de Carnel
56100 Lorient